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Preventive medicine is an essential part of every patient’s healthcare journey. This is true regardless of patient age or condition. By catching health problems before they can occur or worsen, preventive care ensures the most beneficial patient health outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

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Understanding Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is any type of medicine that limits the progression of disease. It can be deployed at any stage. There are two components to preventive medicine: primary prevention and secondary prevention. Primary prevention helps to prevent a disease from occurring, whereas secondary prevention helps to stop or minimize damage.

Much of primary prevention has to do with controlling the patient’s environment, such as their water supply and the air they breathe. However, it also involves managing the patient’s immune response directly via things like immunizations. On the other hand, secondary prevention involves therapy to limit disease spread, identify patients in the early stages of the disease, and prevent or delay the effects of the disease.

Who Preventive Medicine Physicians Are

According to the American Medical Association, preventive medicine physicians specialize in protecting, promoting, and maintaining patients’ health and well-being. They also focus on preventing disability, disease, and premature death. Though there are various subspecialties of preventive medicine, all preventive medicine physicians must undergo the same basic training.

In addition to completing medical school, preventive medicine doctors must also undergo three years of specialty training before certification. They must also have a basic understanding of biostatistics, epidemiology, health services management, and clinical preventive medicine activities. They must also understand how to control any environmental factors that can negatively affect health and prevent occupational factors that may be detrimental to a patient’s safety. All of this must go through a comprehensive assessment, taking social, cultural, and behavioral factors into account.

Immunizations & Vaccines

Preventive medicine covers a wide range of treatments, such as counseling, condition management, and screening laboratory services. Immunizations and vaccines are also an integral part of preventive medicine. They are so vital that every dollar invested in vaccines saves the country an estimated $10.90 in direct medical costs.

Immunization schedules are categorized by age group. As a result, there are three main schedules: pediatric, adult, and catch-up schedules. Pediatric vaccinations are meant for patients up to 18 years old, while adult vaccinations are indicated for patients 18 years and older. Furthermore, individuals should keep in mind that some childhood vaccinations may wear off and that there may be new vaccinations developed since they were last administered to the patient. Those who travel, work in healthcare, or are immunocompromised may also need extra vaccines. Preventive medicine can help with all this and more.

Annual Physicals

Regardless of age, all patients should make regular visits to prevent disease and promote overall wellness. Professionals in the field recommend that everyone undergo an annual physical exam at least once a year. This is true whether or not the patient feels well, as the exam allows a doctor to assess a patient’s overall health. The doctor may do this by discussing any ongoing pain or symptoms and conducting any necessary tests.

During a physical exam, the doctor will also check for possible diseases, update necessary immunizations (including flu vaccines, if necessary), and provide general health counseling. It is crucial for patients to build an open and honest rapport with their preventive physician. This allows the doctor to have a detailed understanding of the patient’s medical history and current condition, allowing for the best quality of care.

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Preventive medicine is a cost-effective way of protecting one’s health. We at MD Care Now can help. Call us today at 1-203-683-0625 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. We also accept walk-ins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lifestyle management, and how is it a part of preventive medicine?

Lifestyle management is a type of healthcare intervention a preventive medicine practitioner can execute to promote overall patient health. Physicians trained in lifestyle management have a comprehensive understanding of how dietary patterns, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of social support, physical inactivity, and psychosocial factors may impact health. Accordingly, they understand how to help patients make needed changes in those areas.

Does insurance cover preventive medicine services?

This depends on your insurer. However, most health insurance policies must cover a particular set of preventive services at no cost to you. These typically involve immunizations and screening tests. Call your provider to learn more.

Are there subspecialties of preventive medicine?

Yes. There are three subspecialties of preventive medicine: public health and general preventive medicine, occupational medicine, and aerospace medicine. Public health and general preventive medicine specialists focus on preventing disease and promoting overall health in individuals and communities. In contrast, occupational medicine specialists focus on promoting overall health in the workplace, while aerospace medicine specialists focus on promoting the health, safety, and performance of crewmembers and passengers of air and space vehicles.

Does my child also need an annual physical?

Yes. Taking your child to get regular checkups is an essential component of keeping them healthy and immunized against various serious childhood diseases. They are also a good time for you to ask the doctor any questions you may have about your child’s overall health and lifestyle choices.

Can preventive medicine help me if I already have a chronic condition?

Yes. There are three main types of preventive medicine: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention aims to prevent a disease from occurring at all. However, secondary prevention focuses on early intervention, and tertiary prevention attacks a disease’s clinical and outcome stages. In other words, everyone can benefit from preventive medicine no matter what stage of disease they are (or are not) in. Preventive medicine minimizes any harm the patient may incur, ensuring the best possible health outcome and treatment path for their unique situation.

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